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Event Planner Audio And Visual Management Hacks Checklist

A step by step walkthrough from pre-planning to wrap-up

Event planners, coordinators, and organizers

 Event Planner Checklist

Event Planner Checklist.png
Event planning is a tall task. Showtime Sound breaks down the process into an easy to understand timeline from pre-planning to post-event wrap-up.

The Problem

  • The request for proposal process
  • What to do before your event
  • How to handle event wrap up
  • And much more

What You Will Learn

  • What moving pieces are necessary for event planning 
  • When to contact and follow up with vendors
  • How to keep morale high
  • And much more

Your Next Steps

  • Download the Event Planner Checklist
  • Let the reality of event planning sink in
  • Call Showtime Sound for help

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