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Why Our Partnership With L-Acoustics Is A BIG Deal


L-Acoustics, acclaimed providers of loudspeakers, amplifiers, and signal processing devices, has been setting the audio standard for theaters, convention centers, sports arenas, houses of worship, and amusement parks for years. 

Who wouldn't want to partner with these guys? Their high-quality sound systems are in high demand.

While our products and services are stellar, we're always looking for ways to enhance our offerings, taking them to the next level. That's why partnering with L-Acoustics made so much sense.

We're stoked to announce that as of March 2017, we've had L-Acoustics's full line of audio equipment and systems added to our inventory and are now available for events, tours, and concerts.

L-Acoustics loudspeakers, amplifiers, and signal processing devices

How we came to be an L-Acoustics partner—and why we're so proud of it

Artist riders primarily drive our business, and we were finding it harder and harder to compete in the industry with our current audio inventory. Because this was becoming increasingly frustrating, we decided to start exploring other audio manufacturers who offered what we needed. We wanted to grow our inventory with a well-known and highly-trusted line of audio. It was not enough for us to find the best sounding audio system available, we wanted a brand that had a stellar reputation and would offer a strong mutual partnership. After almost two years of researching and talking with all of the major players in the audio arena, we decided that L-Acoustics was the best fit, hands down.

As you may know, L-Acoustics is currently the most requested system on artist riders and will always be accepted by tour engineers, their management, and ultimately the promoters booking and paying for the rigs. They have always been at the forefront of audio technology and are recognized throughout the industry as pioneering the modern line array. They offer a total system approach for both touring and fixed installations. Simply put, their all-inclusive packages—which include speakers, amplification, software, and cabling—are the absolute best money can buy.

And lucky for us, L-Acoustics had been looking to expand their brand into the region that we service—Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and Western Pennsylvania. Our reputation and location made our company an easy choice for L-Acoustics's expansion.

L-Acoustics sound systems and audio technology

Our clients gain A TON from this partnership

Providing perfect coverage throughout the entire listening area, L-Acoustics audio systems create an amazing audience experience. Additionally, these compact systems are impressive because they're easy to setup, tear down, pack up, and transport from place to place. They're also packing-friendly which helps to reduce trucking and labor costs.  

Now that we carry the full line of L-Acoustics equipment, we can provide our clients with consistent, high-quality audio services covering any size event from 100 to 100,000 people.

L-Acoustics sound boards and systems

Where you can see our L-Acoustics system in the future

We'll be deploying the entire L-Acoustics line immediately at local and regional festivals and concerts. Keep an eye out for our announcements of these events plus major upcoming tours.

Having their full line of sound equipment available for tours and concerts will allow us to serve you better, give your audience the best sound experience, and offer a convenient and powerful system that can potentially save you money.

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