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Showtime Calls on Sommer Cable for Elle King Concert

November, 2023

At Showtime, we rely on the best technology the industry has to offer, right down to our choice in cables. Showtime was recently featured in Mix Magazine for utilizing Sommer Cable products for Elle King in concert. Check out the full article here!


Showtime Calls on Sommer Cable for Elle King Concert

Leading event production specialists Showtime Sound LLC recently worked on the impressive Elle King concert at Maryland’s hugely popular Great Frederick Fair. The country, rock and blues star was joined by special guests Red Clay Strays as part of the Michelob Ultra Concert Series. The fair promotes agricultural education as an integral part of the state’s agriculture industry. The Fair is an annual 9-day event featuring over 300 events.


Showtime continued their reliance on their trusted partners at L-Acoustics, Absen Inc., Tyler Truss Systems, LLC, and Sommer Cable to ensure a flawless event. Marc Chauvin, SSM, MSPM, CTS, Showtime’s Director of Technical Operations elaborated on the choice of cabling, “In thinking of transmission systems for audio, lighting, and video distribution we know that reliability and quality is a must to ensure the high level of productions that we do. No single show for us is more or less important than any other and that’s why we continue to invest and rely on our partnership with Sommer Cable.”

After handling many large-scale events, Sommer Cable has become a central element at Showtime. “When we build out and integrate our systems,” Chauvin continued, “we use Sommer’s Mercator CAT7 line for multi-channel ethernet-based snake solutions. Using single, 2-channel, and 4-channel versions, we can seamlessly cover up to 125m with solutions that not only work for our day-to-day production needs and our touring clients, but also as the backbone for events such as this Elle King concert for all aspects of production.”

Learn more about Sommer’s Mercator CAT7 cable: https://shop.sommercable.com/en/Cable/Bulk-Cable-Fiber-LAN-CAT/Cat-7-SC-Mercator-CAT-7-PUR-XL-581-0251.html


“With our confidence and experience with the Mercator line,” Marc Chauvin continued, “we have also added inventory in not only 4-channel snake systems, but additionally, we have been using Sommer’s Transit MC123HD hybrid cable as the perfect complement to our small-format audio/video distribution systems, camera work, and also as the integral part of our Follow-Me Tracking Systems that we have been using on national tours and other client projects where traditional follow spot systems are not usable. By also using Sommer’s Transit MC 2001 hybrid cable, we were able to bridge not only playback and IMAG, but also cameras, switching, and content through bi-directional connectivity.”

Learn more about Sommer’s Transit MC 2001 HD:

Showtime Sound LLC is a full-service event production company located in Frederick, Maryland that provides a wide range of audio, lighting, video, staging, and backline for any size event or venue. The Showtime team specializes in production integration. They design, build, and move events from large clubs to touring arenas to outdoor stadiums. From start to finish, Showtime Sound LLC provides turn-key event production. https://www.showtimesoundllc.com

Sommer Cable Germany is an enterprising development and manufacturing company of innovative and unique cable, connector and electronic products for the Studio, A/V Installation, Live Sound, Broadcast, Video, Music, IT and HiFi markets, with business partners in over 50 countries. In 2015, Sommer Cable America, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Sommer Cable Germany, was established in Santa Rosa, CA. Jed Larson is COO of the new company, which supplies the North American markets with Sommer’s wide range of innovative and high-quality products. 707.200.4020 http://sommercable.com/en

*Photo Credit – Pete Redel

*Original article can be found at https://www.mixonline.com/the-wire/showtime-calls-on-sommer-cable-for-elle-king-concert

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