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Showtime Partners with British Drum Co. to Bring BDC Kits to US Backline Clients

December, 2023

When a production company is founded by two drummers, you can rely on quality backline. Scott Tydings and Shawn Hocherl started Showtime Sound LLC nearly 18 years ago. Having both toured as professional drummers, they have consistently held the company to the highest standards for backline gear, including full drum kits of all kinds. In that vein, Showtime is proud to announce their new partnership with British Drum Co. (BDC). This partnership allows Showtime to make these high-quality BDC kits available to their US backline clients.

Recently, Showtime Director of Technical Operations Marc Chauvin noticed that a particular need was not being met in the market for touring US drummers. Chauvin explains, “We came across BDC a few years ago when providing backline for Del Amitri drummer Jim McDermott when trying to fill his backline rider. We did not have any BDC at that time and it did not seem that anyone here in the US had a full kit for hire.” Chauvin continues, “Because of our corporate model of providing turnkey production for artists, it was only natural to start a conversation with BDC to see how we could fill the void that we had stumbled on for future work.” Showtime quickly connected with BDC and ordered the new drum kits. Chauvin notes, “Being completely hand-built, it certainly took a while to get our finished kits in hand [let alone dealing with international shipping and customs], but the end result has been nothing less than incredible.” 

Jim-McDermott-w-kit Photo Credit BDC-1

The BDC team does not leave quality to chance. BDC details their specific build process on their website, explaining, “We select the highest quality timbers before handcrafting our shells in our cold-moulding process to maintain the sonic integrity of the wood. Our Palladium hardware graces each drum and every single detail is checked with a forensic accuracy before our exacting quality control signs off the products prior to delivery to our customers.” On bringing their products to new U.S. clients, BDC noted the importance of this recent partnership with Showtime, expressing, "We are proud to be in collaboration with Showtime Sound LLC for their recent backline inventory order. British Drum Co. is committed to delivering the highest quality drums handcrafted in the UK, ensuring the best drumming experience in the USA for artists and audiences alike."

Sterling-Silver-Kit Photo Credit BDC

Chauvin noted that not only has he been impressed with the drums themselves, but the service Showtime received from BDC as well. He details, “The level of service and attention that we've seen from the entirety of the BDC team -- marketing, social media, artist relations, logistics, even all the way to the CEO of BDC -- has been nothing short of wonderful. They have truly been invested in not only the craft that they build, but assisting us in our acquisition and ability to support artists.” Tina Clarke, International Sales Director Drumset/Artist Relations for BDC commented on the union, detailing, “Ensuring that our artists have access to British Drum Co. drums when touring in the USA is a priority for us. Therefore, we are delighted to partner with Showtime Sound LLC and are confident that our artists will receive the highest level of backline support.”

Good things are often worth the wait and these kits have been no exception. According to Chauvin, “Word is spreading and we've had several inquiries into rentals from international touring artists.” Seeing McDermott immediately put the Legend Series drum kit with Ravenglass finish to work on tour with Del Amitri was a rewarding experience for Chauvin. He describes seeing the well-crafted kits go from overseas to shop to stage, explaining, “They're really something to admire. They clearly sound amazing, but beyond that, they're quite pretty.” 

Del Amitri on Tour - Photo Credit Marc Chauvin

ABOUT SHOWTIME SOUND LLC Showtime Sound LLC is a full-service event production company located in Frederick, Maryland that provides a wide range of audio, lighting, video, staging, and backline for any size event or venue. The Showtime team specializes in production integration. They design, build, and move events from large clubs to touring arenas to outdoor stadiums. From start to finish, Showtime Sound LLC provides turn-key event production. https://www.showtimesoundllc.com

ABOUT BRITISH DRUM CO. British Drum Co. are a UK drum manufacturer based in Stockport, Manchester and are driven by a pure passion for all things drums. Since 2015, their sole purpose is to design and create the finest drums and percussion instruments for musicians who recognise and value the highest standards. Their philosophy is built on a rich heritage of British drum-building craftsmanship. They wholeheartedly embrace the masterful techniques and traditions that are acknowledged as the finest examples of the craft. www.britishdrumco.com 

Photo Credits – BDC, Marc Chauvin



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